Attract Your Soulmate now

Why are you still single?
Do family and friends ask you why you're still single? Isn't that just plain annoying?
Are you attracting the wrong partners or perhaps not attracting anyone at all?
Perhaps it's time to turn that question inward and recognise your blocks to finding genuine love.
If there was nothing in your way; you would be in that soulmate relationship already.
It's a question only you can answer to yourself - it's really no one else's business!
The blocks are either in your mind - we are conditioned in our beliefs especially in our early years and we may not even know it.
Or the blocks are emotional from past hurt around relationships.

This workshop will help you
-  identify the blocks that are keeping you single
- give you the tools to remove these blocks
- give you a specific process you can use to align yourself with your soulmate to let him/her in

It is an online workshop that you can complete at your own pace at home.

Imagine a life shared with someone you know you are meant to be with? A love that is deep and meaningful; supportive and uplifting.
It's a love that you deserve, so let's get on with it!

Duration: Lifetime
Price: R590.00