Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.
You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.
One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.
Leonardo da Vinci


Living consciously, being present, being mindful and tapping into your own power means living a life that is extaordinary and has a profound impact on every area of your life and those around you.

Mission Statement

To support, inspire and challenge all members of the community to create:
  • epic personal and business relationships
  • massive success and wealth
  • vibrant health and well being
  • a deep sense of happiness and joy
  • an impact in the world


  • To create a community of people who live consciously and authentically.
  • For each member to claim their power to create their destiny and live their best lives.
  • To provide an environment of acceptance, support, understanding and inspiration to live our best lives.

Kas Naidoo: Founder

Kas Naidoo: Founder
I started my journey of personal development and self-mastery about 23 years ago. Like most people, it was when life's challenges pulled the rug out from under my feet and my world went into free-fall.
Divorce and severe financial challenges certainly brought me to my knees and I started to question EVERYTHING. Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there really a god? Why are some people so cruel and manipulative and yet they thrive while good people suffer? Over time I realized that the answers were not in fixing other people but in finding my authentic self.  The questions began to evolve to: How can I create my life differently? How do I master my thoughts, emotions, choices, actions and beliefs so that I get better results? These questions empowered me to search for greater meaning and purpose in life. I started my self education which has held me in greater stead than all the traditional certificates and degrees that I accumulated previously. I did a deep dive into understanding how life works and as my life began to evolve I started incorporating these findings in my coaching and began to see huge transformations happen with my clients.
As the years passed, I knew that I had to pass on this information to a greater number of people so others don't need to hit rock bottom before they start their journey of self-mastery. I also felt extremely alone and misunderstood early on in my journey. I was so excited about what I was learning only to have the people around me look at me like I was speaking a foreign language. So my mission with Quantum Tribe is for people walking this journey to never feel alone; to have a tribe of like-minded people sharing similar experiences, supporting each other and holding each other accountable to living their best lives.
My greatest passion is helping people realize their potential and step fully into it.

Our Latest Courses

The Money Workshop

When you look at your bank balance do you feel excited, satisfied or anxious?
The money we have is merely a reflection of your money beliefs.
Change the beliefs, change your results!
Money is one of the biggest causes of stress. Like it or not, we need money to live our best lives. Whether you want to create a life of luxury and adventure; a safe, comfortable home for your family; go on a spiritual retreat;  spoil your partner or simply have the peace of mind that all your bills are paid; we need money.
We are all meant to live in abundance. Poverty and struggle are unnatural. If you're tired of financial anxiety; stress about your financial future or settling for less than what you really desire; this workshop is for you.

The Money workshop helps you:
-  identify your blocks to wealth
- gives you tools to release the blocks and
- a method to align your energy with money and abundance

When your energy is open and aligned with wealth you will find yourself in the receptive mode; new opportunities come to you and you take action on these opportunities.
You attract the help and support you need. You understand your value, worthiness and know that you deserve success and wealth.
When you are aligned with the energy of wealth and abundance; it will begin to flow into your life.

This online workshop is divided into 3 segments that you can complete at home at your own pace.

Special Bonus: A downloadable track to automatically align you with wealth and abundance.

Investment: R990

Attract Your Soulmate Now

Why are you still single?
Do family and friends ask you why you're still single? Isn't that just plain annoying?
Are you attracting the wrong partners or perhaps not attracting anyone at all?
Perhaps it's time to turn that question inward and recognise your blocks to finding genuine love.
If there was nothing in your way; you would be in that soulmate relationship already.
It's a question only you can answer to yourself - it's really no one else's business!
The blocks are either in your mind - we are conditioned in our beliefs especially in our early years and we may not even know it.
Or the blocks are emotional from past hurt around relationships.

This workshop will help you
-  identify the blocks that are keeping you single
- give you the tools to remove these blocks
- give you a specific process you can use to align yourself with your soulmate to let him/her in

It is an online workshop that you can complete at your own pace at home.

Imagine a life shared with someone you know you are meant to be with? A love that is deep and meaningful; supportive and uplifting.
It's a love that you deserve, so let's get on with it!

Special Bonus PDF: 12 Questions to Make a First Date Epic

Investment: R590


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